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Rwanda water resources are under increasing pressure. We need to use them efficiently, effectively and wisely if we want to build a sustainable bright future for ourselves and upcoming generations. In order to do this, we need to know how much water is used, by whom, and where. Once we know this, we will be able to measure it against how much water is actually available for use. In some areas we will then find that there is still extra water that can be made available for use. In other areas we will find that there is already more water being used than the water resources can provide without considerable damage to the aquatic ecosystems.

The water Law n°49/2018 of 13/08/2018 Determining the Use and Management of Water Resources in Rwanda, gives the Rwanda Water Resources Board the tools to gather the information that we need for the optimal management of our water resources. The water permits system is one of these tools.

Why Water Permit?

Benefits of having a water permit